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The equine veterinary industry has long been known for freely offering credit facilities to clients and then invoicing those clients later. Whilst this facility is still maintained within this practice we will no longer offer credit to new clients registering with us or to clients whom we have had to chase for payment.

This is unfortunate, but is a policy that is being adopted by most equine practices around the UK with good reason.

Whilst we fully understand that the majority of our clients have every intention to pay us and do, a small but significant number of horse owners feel that they do not have to pay for veterinary treatment and have no intention of ever doing so. Having accumulated a large bill with one practice they will then change yards, address, name etc and register with another practice to repeat the process again or only pay an outstanding bill months later when our services are required again. This is a common occurance and something most UK practices are aware of.

Whilst we can be blamed to some degree ourselves for allowing unknown clients access to credit there is still an obligation on the part of such horse owners to contact us with at least an offer of payment. (we will always help with payment plans to make life easier). Sadly all to often this doesn't happen and we are left with a bad debt that can't be recovered. This affects all horse owners and increases costs for everyone. 

We are aware of the conversations being raised on web site forums concerning veterinary practices and our own practice on local forums being critiscised for this policy of asking for payment up front. We are also aware that often the ones shouting the loudest are the ones who are unhappy that their free ride at every other horse owners expense is being removed by most practices.  

Most local practices are now attempting to stop this circulation of debt by no longer offering credit to new clients. This is a sad state of affairs but absolutely necessary to maintain a service to the majority of horse owners who do pay their bills.

Please do not be offended if we ask you to pay, we are protecting our business and the majority of horse owners from significant cost increases.

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