Our practice performs castrations during the autumn and winter months to decrease the risk of infection and complications due to wound contamination by flies. Our experienced vets will castrate your colt in the comfort of their stable on your yard and the procedure will take around an hour in total. The most common method of castration is performed with the horse standing and under sedation. For Shetlands and miniature breeds, castration may be done under general anaesthetic. This can also be performed on your yard. Special advice may also be given for horses over the age of 3 years or that have covered mares.

If you would like to book in a castration, please fill out your details on the form below. Our vets always speak to clients prior to the procedure to go through any problems that may occur and to best accommodate your ponies needs. We try to castrate all colts in the morning to allow adequate monitoring throughout the day.


Standing Castration – including the visit fee, all medication, the surgical procedure itself and aftercare medication £180- £230 depending on the size of the horse and drugs required

General Anaesthesia - including the visit fee, all medication, the surgical procedure itself and aftercare medication £220 minimum. This procedure will take more time.

Vaccination- if you have not yet started your horse’s vaccinations, we offer vaccination at the time of castration at a discounted price of £25

Rarely, there are complications post castration (link). If a visit is required and further treatment needed, this will be at additional cost.


Has your horse got two testicles? If you are not sure, one of our vets may need to check this prior to castration.

We perform our castrations on a clean straw bed in your horse’s stable. We will need clean water and a tail bandage and someone to stay with the horse after the procedure.

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