Ok how do we make a page about prescriptions interesting, well it isn't easy so we've kept it short and sweet. It is important information though so a quick read through is recommended.

We are happy to provide our clients with a prescription for recommended treatments should one be required. You will only need a prescription for drugs that fall into the 'prescription only' category if you wish to source these yourself. Many treatments do not require a prescription and should be readily available from us, equine outlets and the internet. Categories of drugs that will require a prescription include antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, steroids and specialist treatments.

There are some strict rules governing the issuing of prescriptions and repeating them. These are designed to prevent mis- and over-use of these drugs and to ensure that proper checks on their use are implimented.

1. We cannot issue you with a prescription for prescription only medicines if we have not seen your horse first and recommended that treatment.

2. Having prescribed a treatment for your horse we are happy to issue you with repeat prescriptions however this can only be for up to a maximum of twelve months, and much less for certain treatments. Following this period we will have to check your animal again before further prescriptions are issued. Examples of this may include up to twelve months for an older horse requiring Phenylbutazone, 'Bute' for arthritic problems but significantly less for antibiotic treatments were over-use can be harmful. This same principle applies to our supplying of drugs directly to you. If they are prescription drugs we must check the animal periodically by law.

3. Prescriptions issued by us must only be dispensed against if they are in their original form. Our prescriptions state - 'This prescription is not valid unless in its original form. Faxed electronically scanned copies or photocopies are not acceptable and should not be dispensed.'

4. We are obliged to use veterinary licensed products when treating horses. Sometimes these don't exist so we may need to use human medicines. We can also use human treatments or unlicensed products if we feel that they are clinically justified and the normal licensed treatments are not effective. We will often offer you a prescription for such treatments rather than supply them ourselves simply because we don't carry them in stock. Good examples of such treatments may be anti-histamines. Often large quantities may be required of such treatments raising eyebrows at the chemists, we are always happy to speak to your pharmacist and reassure them of the quantities and doses and verify your prescription for you. Please ask your chemist to ring us directly if you have any problem.

A prescription supplied costs £12 inclusive of VAT per drug. This covers administration costs and postage. We will normally ask for this to be paid before we send you the prescription. You may be suprised to find that we can supply many things at a very competative rate, please contact the office to request a prescription or to discuss the cost of any prescription drugs you may require. 


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